A Stretching Woman

How To Be Even More Active?

Kate Fowler

We can be active not only while working out or walking. Taking a few simple steps every day will bring more activity into your life. Let’s go through our checklists and implement healthy habits in your daily routine.


Remote work is comfortable but may make you more sluggish and lazy. Following these tips will help you shake things up.

🚶‍♂️ Stand up and walk around the room every hour. Yes, you’ll still burn some calories this way.

🍳 Don’t order food delivery. Shop for groceries offline and cook food. It’s almost a total workout!

🧽 Decide on cleanup. It requires effort, doesn’t it?


Office workers commute to work and work around the building but still tend to be sedentary. Here’s what you can do.

🆙 Forget about elevators. Stairs are your best friends!

🚍 Public transport can be an option. We know it’s not available everywhere, but if there is an opportunity, opt for a bus at least once a week.

💧 Grab water from the cooler from time to time. You will get extra steps as well as sufficient hydration.


All the hints above are simple yet applicable to real life. Are you ready to use them?

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